Appointment Request Form

Initial Consultations can be scheduled if we find there is no Conflict Of Interest regarding the names of the parties involved.

Initial Consultations can be by Phone, Zoom video conference, or In-Person.

The cost of Initial Consultations is is $275.00 an hour for meetings by Phone Without Video, $350.00 an hour for meetings by Video, and $400.00 an hour for meetings In-Person.

There is a one-hour minimum for meetings by Video and a two-hour minimum for meetings In-Person.   There is no minimum for meetings by Phone Without Video.

Attorney Matney does Not charge for travel-time.

Reservations for appointments are made by Pre-Authorizing your credit card for the amount of $275.00 for Phone Without Video, with this pre-Authorization not being turned into a Charge until after the time of the appointment.

Meetings by Phone can be canceled at any time without charge.   Meetings by Video can be canceled without charge any time before 48 hours of the time of the appointment.

Meetings In-Person can be canceled any time without charge any time within 7 days of the appointment.   There will be a $200.00 charge for any no-show or cancelation of an In-Person appointment that gives less than 7 days Notice.

This Pre-Authorization is not an actual Charge, but only a reservation of funds on the card to possibly be charged at a later time.   The amount for one hour is what is Pre-Authorized because this is how long an average initial consultation lasts.   Pre-authorizations are not turned into Charges for Phone or Online Video appointments until after the time of the appointment.

Online Video and In-Person appointments are handled differently that Phone Without Video appointments.   Unlike with Phone Without Video, there are minimum charges for Online Video and In-Person meetings.

There is a one-hour minimum for online Video appointments and there is a two-hour minimum for In-Person appointments, with the Client's Card being charged, rather than just pre-Authorized (as it would be for a Phone Without Video appointment) at the time the appointment is reserved.

The reason for this is because it has been our experience that when people have met with the attorney by Online Video, they have usually wanted to stay for at least one hour, and when they have met with her In-Person, they have usually wanted to stay for at least two hours.

Clients who do not have someone who may possibly take care of their children if they should become ill on the day of their appointments, or who may be called into work on the days of their appointments, are frequently ill themselves, or who can foresee any other reason they may not be able to keep their appointments should schedule Phone Without Video appointment since the terms for them are more flexible.

Clients scheduling in-person appointments are taking the risk that something may prevent them from attending same way they would if they bought tickets to a concert and then could not attend.

Phone Without Video appointments can be set any time, including 8:00 pm Eastern Time on weekends.

Online Video appointments can be set between the hours of 11:00 am through 9:00 pm Eastern Time Wednesday through Friday.

In-Person appointments can be set Thursdays and Fridays between the hours of 11:00 am through 3:00 pm Eastern Time.   If you need to meet at times other than these, you should request a Video appointment or a Phone Without Video appointment.

If something happens to prevent the attorney from attending, the Client will NOT be charged, and any charges made to the Client's card will be refunded.

Clients reserving Phone Without Video appointments will only have a Pre-Authorization put on the credit card to reserve their appointment, with no Charge being made until after their appointment.   Clients having Phone Without Video appointments will have no minimum charge, so if they choose to end their appointments in less than an hour will only be charged for the time spent.

Phone Without Video appointments are much more flexible than appointments by Video and appointments In-Person, because they are easier for the attorney to do from wherever she may be, so they are easier to schedule and easier to do.   Those wanting to meet by Video or In-Person will be accommodated, but the costs are more and the terms are less flexible.

A valid MasterCard or Visa must given reserve an appointment.   We do not accept American Express.

If you have a Phone Without Video appointment, your credit card will be charged only for the amount of time you spend in your Initial Consultation.   If you spend less than an hour in your appointment, you will be charged less than the amount authorized on the card to reserve the appointment.   If you spend more than an hour, your credit card will by charged at the Phone Without Video rate by the minute.

*We need your full name and the full name of the other party to make sure there is no Conflict of Interest for us.

If you are doing this from your phone or tablet, touch the blank field with your finger to make your screen keyboard appear.

We are not currently accepting cases that have Court Hearing dates that are set for less than 8 weeks away from now.   Clients who have court Hearing dates set for less than 8 weeks away should retain another attorney to represent them for those Hearings.   If you want to just get advice about your hearing, that is less than 8 weeks away, with the understanding that the attorney will not be able to represent you at this hearing, that will be fine.

Your First Name:

Your Middle Name:

Your Last Name:

Today's Date:

Applicable prefix (Dr., Hon., Gen., Rev., Attny., Mr., Ms., Mrs., Mx., etc.):

Any Former Names you have ever had, if applicable:

The Full Name of the Other Party involved in your case or situation:

Applicable prefix (Dr., Hon., Gen., Rev., Attny., Mr., Ms., Mrs., etc.):

Any Former Names the Other Party has had that you know of, including maiden name, and/or other married names used, if applicable:

Are you currently married to the Other Party? If so, put the Date, City, and State Of Marriage here. If not, please put "No":

If you have been served with papers initiating a Maryland Custody, Divorce, and/or Protective Order case, please put the name of the Court and the Case Number of that case here:

Please state the date you were served with these papers here, and please state how you were served and by whom:

Issues you would like to discuss (i.e., custody, divorce, child support, second opinion about case, possible Collaborative Law option, etc.):

If there are already any Hearing dates and/or deadlines set for your case, please list them here, and please state the name of the Court (for example, "Trial x/x/xx Circuit Court of Montgomery County," or "Answer to Complaint For Custody due x/x/xx Circuit Court of Howard County, etc.):

We accept cases in all Courts in Maryland and does Not charge travel-time to or from Court hearings.

Would you like your appointment to be by Phone without video, online Video, or In-Person?   The cost for Phone Without Video is $275.00 an hour.   The cost or Online Video is $350.00 an hour with a one-hour minimum, and the cost for In-Person is $400.00 an hour with a two-hour minumum.

If you would like an in-person appointment, please state the office location where you would like to meet (Annapolis, Columbia, North Bethesda, or Rockville)

Please state that date and time you like your appointment.   Appointments can be any time, including nights, weekends, and holidays.   In-person appointments must be set about a week away from the time of the request.   Clients with urgent needs and deadlines that must be met soon should request Phone or Online Video appointments.

If there are already any deadlines in your case (i.e., date an Answer or Reply to a Motion you may need to file is due, date to file a Notice Of Appeal or Exceptions your case is due, etc.), please list them here if you have not already stated them above:

If there is some Urgency involved in your case that is not obvious by the dates above, please briefly describe the Urgency here:

Confirmation of your appointment time and place will be sent to you by e-mail, so please check the e-mail addresses you give below for our response to your request.

Your private e-mail address that the other party cannot access (If the other party may know your password, please change it as soon as possible):

*Required -- This Form will not be processed if you do not put your e-mail address here --   To avoid confusion regarding dates, times, and location/phone number, and to avoid possible double-booking, all appointments are set and confirmed via e-mail only.

An alternate private e-mail address that the other party cannot access (If the other party may know your password, change it as soon as possible) that you would like us to use if we receive an "undeliverable" message (i.e., due to company filters used for work e-mail, spam filters, mail box being full, a misspelling in the e-mail address given above, etc.):

*Giving us e-mail addresses from two different e-mail providers will increase the chance that we will be able to help you quickly (i.e., will increase the chance that communication will still flow quickly even if there is a problem with one particular e-mail provider at any time).

**Please double-check the spelling of your e-mail addresses above before sending.   The next reply you receive from us will be by e-mail sent to the addresses you put above.

Your private voicemail number that the other party cannot access (If the other party knows your password, please change it as soon as possible):

* This Form will not be processed if valid credit card information is not entered below

The exact amount you are Authorizing at this time to reserve the appointment.

We accept MasterCard and Visa only
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We do not accept American Express or anything other than Master Card or Visa.

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*Having an initial consultation is no guarantee of case acceptance.

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If you have provided all the requested information in the above Form, you should receive a response from us by e-mail at the e-mail addresses you gave above within 24 hours of the time you click on the gray SEND button below.

If you do not receive a reply from us within 24 hours, please check your SPAM, "Junk," and "Promotions" folders.