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M   A   T   N   E   Y         L   A   W         F   I   R   M,   LLC
Maryland Family Law is all we do and we do it well!

We have won for Fathers many times in courts around the state of Maryland!
***Past success is no guarantee whatever of future success***

Attorney Matney has won Joint Legal Custody, and Joint Physical Custody with 50-50 time sharing (i.e., equal authority/equal access), for Fathers many times in Family Law Courts around the State of Maryland.   She has also achieved Settlement for Joint Legal and Joint Physical Custody with Equal Time Sharing for Fathers many times.

Attny Matney has obtained Sole Legal and Sole Physical Custody for Fathers at the Trial level, at the Appellate level, by Emergency Hearing, and also by Settlement.

Recent published case regarding Constitutional Rights and Family Law where Attorney Matney won sole custody for the Father and the Court refined and clarified part of Maryland Child Custody Law in response to her argument:
McDermott v. Dougherty,   385   Md.   320   (2005)
Written Opinion published by the Maryland Court of Appeals on 3/10/05

Consultations are by appointment only
and can be by phone or in person

The laws referenced on this site are meant to be used as general background information only and should not be used to replace actual legal advice from an experienced Family Law attorney regarding your unique case or circumstances.

If you would like to have a consultation with Attorney Matney, the first thing we need for you to do is fill out our Appointment Request E-Mail Form below.   This will enable us to make sure there is no Conflict of Interest and that the attorney could possibly be available on the date(s) you may need in the court you need, and that the type of work you need done is something the attorney does.

For example, while we will accept custody cases involving children who were adopted, we do not do actual adoption work.   Filling out the e-mail form enables us to quickly help you avoid losing valuable time finding an attorney if we are not going to be able to possibly help you, and will enable us to help you faster if we are going to be able to help you.

If there seems to be no Conflict regarding names, dates, and/or subject matter, and if you then decide to have a consultation with Attorney Matney about your case or situation, the cost would be the attorney's hourly rate of $275.00 an hour, payable by MasterCard or Visa.   Filling out our form is no guarantee of the attorney being able to discuss your case with you or of case acceptance.

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To avoid confusion regarding dates, times, and location, all appointments are set and confirmed via e-mail only.

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We accept cases regarding Maryland Custody, Maryland Divorce,
and/or Maryland Abuse claims only

Our location that is approx. three miles from Kentlands
is in northern Rockville on Research Blvd.,
just off I-270 Exit 8

See detailed directions from the Kentlands area below

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Initial consultations are by appointment only

Directions to the Rockville office of the
Matney Law Firm, LLC
2275 Research Blvd., Suite 500
Rockville, Maryland
in Montgomery County

From Kentlands Square, go south on Great Seneca Hwy

Go approx 2.09 miles and then
turn left at the light onto Key West Avenue/MD-28 E.

Then go approx .91 miles and then
Turn left at the light onto Shady Grove Road.
Then turn right at the first light onto Research Blvd.

Once on Research Blvd.,
go less than a mile until you see the sign on the left that says "Research Office Center 2273-2275" before you get to W. Gude Drive and Columbia Bank.
Turn left into the parking lot.   Go straight.   See Building Number 2275
and park anywhere there is an open space.

Parking is free at
our Rockville location

We are on the fifth floor in Suite 500

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